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Donating half of all proceeds to the Save the Boundary Waters campaign

Housing For Good donates half of all proceeds to the Save The Boundary Waters campaign. That’s the short version. Here is the long(er) version: My name is Nick and that is my beautiful and talented wife Erin sporting a “Save the Boundary Waters” T-shirt on the North Shore of Lake Superior (on our way to do some camping). I have been interested in real estate since I was a kid. I used to get mail ordered brochures advertising for ranches for sale in Montana, evaluate their merits, then post the ones that I liked on my bedroom wall right above my bed. This was a precursor of things to come and since then I have developed ever more love for both Wild Places and real estate. Growing up was full of outdoor experiences for both Erin and me. Because life tends to get busy and because we live in the city we make a conscious effort to get outdoors regularly. We walk our dog, Tip, just about every morning, try to get out camping or to a park regularly, fish, ski, sail, visit as many cabins as we can in the North Country, and our real treat each summer is a trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA). It has become an annual tradition of sorts - a group of friends, or sometimes just the three of us (including Tip) make the trek up North to spend some quality time in the outdoors. I won’t go into all of the details, but there is currently an effort to open up some abnormally nasty mines right on the edge of the BWCA. If you are visiting this site you likely already know something about this, but if not please visit this website for more details: https://www.savetheboundarywaters.org/ A lot of folks are against this, seeing that alleged short-term economic gains could be insignificant compared to hundreds of years of damage to this pristine place - we are among those people. Protecting this National Treasure, which is so close to home, is very important to us, which is why we have started “Housing for Good”. How are we able to donate half of our proceeds to the Save the Boundary Waters campaign? The answer is simple: we have ‘day jobs’. I actually work in the drinking water treatment industry and understand how difficult and expensive it can be to clean up contaminated water. Because we have ‘day jobs’ we aren’t dependent on real estate related income to sustain us, hence our effort to pitch in in one way that we know works: to donate money. What happens to the other half? Keeping a real-estate license current isn’t cheap! The ‘other half’ goes toward keeping things running so that we can continue to raise money for good causes, even after the fight to Save the Boundary Waters is won! If you chose to work with us to list your home for sale you will get open and honest service, a fair price for your home, and the satisfaction of knowing that a good portion of the overall commission will be going toward a cause that will allow future generations to experience one of the last truly pristine Wild Places. If you or anyone you know are thinking about selling your home please contact us to discuss. We look forward to meeting you.

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